Sunday, June 12, 2011

O So Punny!

Although my favorite pun was "condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion" (lol), I opted for the visual pun, where the image works in tandem with the words. Credit goes to Dan for the idea. Took us forever to remember the word for loom...

"Hair Weave"

Edit: I gave her a second shoulder and played with the hand a little. Thank you for the feedback guys.


  1. This is really clever and the hair is so nicely done!! I only wish the woman was a bit more realized? But still good job!

  2. How so? I did notice that she has no armpit on her right side(compared to the left side), but that's a quick fix luckily

  3. Um! I think she would really pop if her skin tone was slightly darker? and I like the hand of the left side a lot but I wish the hand on the right side wasn't as gestural? but idk! it does work well how it is!