Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bethany--> Toucan Sam's Night Out

It's Toucan Sam's Night Out!! And of COURSE he would be popping E! :D

Yeah, I figured his plumage, being as bright as it is, would translate well to light shows and glow sticks which ravers so enjoy. I LOOOVE digital work so that's what I went with. I only wish that it was more clearly him at a rave instead of just a cool picture of Toucan Sam... Really creative theme Pat!
Soooo, summers been crazy. I haven't stopped and rested for about three weeks. Found out that painting the exterior of houses (labor work) is REALLY not my thing... So I've already given my 2 weeks notice and then I'll have tons more time to do artwork... and heal these bruises and scratches!
How about everyone else?

I took progress pictures of this piece and figured I would put them up. This was really fun. I'm excited for the next one!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Mascot's Night Out
Hi everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying the summer!
I am really excited to see what you all have been working on!
This is my piece for this week's Jerk and Draw.
I decided to do a digital piece because I'm trying to get used to using a tablet. I just picked it up in the last couple of weeks!
[It's Wendy, Ronald, and the weird Quiznos sub rat things
(falling from the sky)...
} It is a mascot's night out of terror, because let's face it...
those Quiznos rats are just too creepy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jerk the Summer Away

So, school is out for the summer, and the pressure to make art and meet deadlines 24/7 is off, leaving all of us well-rested, well-fed, and fully-functioning members of society.

But why would we want that?

To keep us from letting our sketchbooks decompose in our basements and to justify staying up until 4 AM (or at least with a better reason than "...but I NEEDED to watch the JONAS marathon" or "All of this bologna isn't going to eat itself, MOM")this delightful blog has been created.

What the plan is, is to have a random topic (anything, really), sort of like pulling a topic from a hat, picked by someone new every Tuesday. Each member needs to just come up with their interpretation of it in some way--anything from a nice sketch to a fully finished piece--by the following Tuesday.

Since I finally got around to posting something on a Friday and not a Tuesday, and since not everyone has confirmed their participation, we'll make the first deadline Tuesday, June 1 (so just have them posted here by the end of that day).

This week's the topic, chosen by the dear Patrick Houin is "Mascots' Night Out". The next topic is to be chosen by Brian Oscar. We'll figure out who beyond that later.

(For inspiration. They're on a boat.)

Make it happen, champs.