Friday, June 18, 2010

sandwich girl

originally, i was trying to go for the "perfect woman" pinup but then meredith beat me to it
so now there's a sinister twist to this pinup....who's neck seems a little flat D:
oh and yay i tried texturing
i'm beginning to think i have a fetish for cyan O_o;;;

errrm i dunno if the foreshortening of the legs comes across clearly or not :\

i feel like the legs are still too short =.=


  1. I really like the palette and idea for this one! So feminine...the bottle of poison almost goes unnoticed in the sweetness, haha.

    I would say that the legs do look short for her body, though.

  2. Oh beautiful Millie!! I love your color palate! You always seem to make your figures slightly asian in the face lol. Maybe it's a reflection of another side of you!

    I saw on facebook sebastian's critique of this and I agree with what he was saying but as a positive, when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a reference someone pulled off of google!