Monday, June 7, 2010

Bethany's Kitteh+Fire= Awesome!

FINALLEEE!!! Blogger was down for maintenance and wouldn't let me post... I don't have anything to do today so I was just... waiting here on my bed...

SO! Cute but Dangerous--> I drew this piece listening to a Pandora playlist based on my like of 3OH!3's "Starstrukk feat. Katy Perry". Good jams. Also, I've been playing Okami and that may or may not have influenced this piece. I ended up making a list of cute things and a list of dangerous things and putting them together for some fun results. Some examples: Baby-Knife, Puppy-Shark, Turtle-Gun... but the best one was KITTEN-FIRE! and so, inspired by the japanese bobtail and the biggest gift to man, I bring you...

He noms at danger.


  1. That fire is impressive. I mean, I know next to nothing about digital, but I dig it. How did you accomplish that?

  2. yes meredith! i was curious about that also, was it a brush of some sort?

  3. FIRE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRAW! Therefore, I did some photo manipulation with stock images to get the fire. Its a combination of 3 different pictures of flames (thank you all the layers they're on are set to "lighten" or "screen". That gives them their transparency.Then a bunch of level layers and as long as a dark color is put behind them the flames will pop.

  4. ahhh fire bending!! it blows my mind O_O
    also, nice lighting on ze kitteh :>