Monday, August 2, 2010

Octo dream

So its my first digital painting was fun getting the hang or learning the ropes wanted to do something simple. Dream. It was a crazy dream decided to do one part of it the calmest moment with my Favorite animal it was an octopus bodyguard good times... Anyway I don't think I'm done with this. opinions welcomed

Re-visited came back again not sure what else


  1. the atmosphere is so dream-like :D
    good first digital piece!

  2. This IS a good first digital piece. The more you study digital pieces and then try to emulate those pieces, the better you'll get. Watching those tutorials is like... the best thing you could do. This is my first digital piece... Back when my signature was angel...?

  3. It's your first digital painting and hopefully not your last. One just has to keep slugging away at it, feeling a bit more comfortable, and then getting good at it. Brooklyn wasn't built in a day and neither will your painting skills. Great start though.