Friday, July 23, 2010

Animal Instinct

So the new topic is "Animal Instinct"!
The task is very simple...
pick a subject and have it take on some animal characteristic or quality.

and I would like the choice to not be a furry mainly because that is really overdone. If it is a furry, at least make it more interesting than the many, many pieces on websites like Deviantart.

Also I'm sorry I didn't update and have not really submitted anything... the summer has been distracting.

I will be working on this one and I can't wait to see what you guys put up!

I think I need to be more specific for what I meant by "subject".
You are free to do anthropomorphic creatures, the note about furries was to broaden the scope. You are also free to pay homage to creatures of the half man - half animal nature or combine things up. A subject can be anything from plants, weather, robots, etc. I just wanna see some RAWR in it. BE FIERCE!

The examples above are from one of my fav artists, Yoshitaka Amano. The first one is the robotic horse from Vampire Hunter D, I couldn't find a illustration that showed the detail so this is a photo of a character model. The second one is from Guin Saga, about mysterious warrior Guin who has a leopard mask magically affixed to his head.


  1. I think I need an example... It's hard to think of anything non-anthropomorphic...

  2. it's fine to do something anthropomorphic, just make it more than a furry in deviantart. i love redwall characters, and they are anthropomorphic rodents of the highest swashbuckling order.

  3. Most excellent! And I remember redwall!!