Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bethany--> Toucan Sam's Night Out

It's Toucan Sam's Night Out!! And of COURSE he would be popping E! :D

Yeah, I figured his plumage, being as bright as it is, would translate well to light shows and glow sticks which ravers so enjoy. I LOOOVE digital work so that's what I went with. I only wish that it was more clearly him at a rave instead of just a cool picture of Toucan Sam... Really creative theme Pat!
Soooo, summers been crazy. I haven't stopped and rested for about three weeks. Found out that painting the exterior of houses (labor work) is REALLY not my thing... So I've already given my 2 weeks notice and then I'll have tons more time to do artwork... and heal these bruises and scratches!
How about everyone else?

I took progress pictures of this piece and figured I would put them up. This was really fun. I'm excited for the next one!


  1. This turned out great Beth! I love the all colors!

  2. i'd go party with that bird any day.
    i'm diggin the textures :D

  3. I'm a texture whore.

    Thanks guys!!

  4. I love the colors. I'm feeling the rave.

  5. SHWEET good job hate to repeat i love the colors